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This cover is for a high Protection and people that like the “rugged look“
I have ordered the Cover in black

The Quality is good it fits good and the Watch is can easily be installed. The Cover is flexible and therefor fits safe around the Watch. It has Cutouts for the Mic, speaker, crown and the Pulse Sensor. Due to the size of the Case the Crown in not as easy accessible as on other cases. The Button has no Cutout but the Case has an integrate Button and this works perfect.

The Case clearly looks like rubber but this is just fine if you want the rugged look. The integrated Button is chrome, some people could not like this specially if you have a Black or Silver Sport Watch.

The use is okay as the case is a bit bulky it is more difficult to get to the crown. The Strap release buttons are covered by the case but are still marked and easy to release. The installation required you to remove the Watch from your wrist and also to take off both Straps, but therefore the main Watchframe is almost fully protected (also from the bottom)

All in All:
If you like the rugged Look or even want to use the Watch in rough conditions this could be the best cover you can get while still using your original straps.