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These covers have maybe the best price Offer as you will get 6 Covers for about 8$ (42mm).
The Covers came in these colors:
- Matte Gold, - red, - blue, - green, - clear, - black

The Quality of the cases is good, they fit without Problem and the colors match the original Apple Watch Strap-colors.
The Cover have cutouts for the Button, Speaker, and Mic. The design does not cover the Strap -release buttons or the Pulse sensor.

The look is nice the colors look good and the Unit it self does not look cheap or feels cheap. The Only difference this cover has to other companies is the special design as this has the cover is design around the crown and therefor it is easier to see that it is a cover.

The use is nice as this design allows you to install the cover without removing the straps. You can even change covers while wearing the Watch on your wrist - but careful you will pull some hair.

All in All:
The Look, Quality and easy install process is realy nice this is why I am personally using the cover as a daily protection. Specially I have a Silver Sports-band and I am using the black color almost everyday.